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As an HR Project Coordinator, I’m responsible for the delivery of a number of HR-related initiatives and projects.

So, I’m accountable for these projects from inception through to delivery and also management during the project life cycle.

So for example, in helping coordinate MD student programs, I’m tasked with ensuring that students have a beneficial work experience while they’re at MD.

I became interested in MD Financial Management after hearing positive feedback from peers who had previously had co-op terms here.

Through the student community I’ve been able to meet like-minded and driven individuals.

Students are treated like a valuable member of the team right from the beginning of their term.

A second thing I think is the feedback and communication from managers.

Feedback often happens informally and formally with managers. They are always accessible, so communication happens quite easily and frequently.

I often tell people that my managers at MD double as my mentors, just because of how much guidance and support I’ve received from them throughout my term.

From the beginning of my term I was given work that was relevant and interesting to me.

I think another factor contributing to my experience has definitely been MD’s unique team-oriented corporate culture.

MD leadership has cultivated a non-competitive and supportive environment.

I think the most surprising thing about working at MD is that there’s no visible sense of hierarchy.

The fact that we work in a flex environment means that there’s no closed-door offices, so you could easily find yourself sitting beside the CEO of the company on any given day.

At MD, I’ve really been able to develop my leadership, communication, and project management skills, and that’s really given me not only the skills but also the confidence to be successful in my career in the future.

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