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My main responsibilities at MD Financial Management here in the trade centre are to provide a world-class service to our physician clients, our secondary function is we also support our region, so we’re constantly speaking to clients all over Canada.

The best part of my experience has been the connections I’ve been able to make with people in terms of networking and building long-lasting relationships. My typical work day usually starts around 8:45 I come in, grab a coffee, check up on emails and catch up with any coworkers. In trade centre, we jump on the phones around 9am to service our clients.

A typical day would include trading mutual funds, approving online trades, various other sundry duties, and working on cases.

So what excites me about my role coming into work from a personal perspective is the people. You really get a chance to work well with your colleagues, understand them, and really develop a friendship.

From a professional perspective, my career is different every day in terms of what I’m doing. You’re constantly learning new things, the licensing requirements, that are required as a trade representative, keep you up to date in the financial industry.

We are a large team and it’s very important to be able to work together and share knowledge. And everyone is very friendly and open to doing so.

I believe at MD Financial Management, the leadership role is played by our leaders really caring about us. They’re very supportive, their coaching skills really help to make us better.

The most important thing I’ve learned from my experience here is to have a strong work ethic, to be open minded, and to take chances.

The rewards and incentives at MD Financial Management are great.

We have an internal bravo recognition program where we can recognize peers for helping out, for doing a good job. Our benefits program is amazing too, in terms of coverage. So speaking on behalf of the work-life balance at MD Financial Management, it’s great. We have a 35-hour work week, everyone is very accommodating if you have appointments or anything like that – it’s very flexible.

At the end of the work day I feel great and satisfied,

I look forward to coming in to work the next day.

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