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So my main responsibility is to make sure we’re choosing the appropriate risk level for a client and their portfolio. So as portfolio manager, I manage discretionary portfolios, so clients give us a certain amount of latitude to the investment allocations within those portfolios.

What attracted me into a portfolio manager’s role at MD Financial Management is basically that you’re not in competition with your colleagues.

Also, we’re of a certain size where we can deliver very integrated solutions to clients and you work as a team with your colleagues.

When I came here 15 years ago, we barely had 10 billion dollars of assets under management. We’re at 40 billion dollars of assets under management in less than 15 years. It’s endearing.

A typical day for me would be two appointments, several internal meetings with colleagues to be able to coordinate different aspects of our clients’ financial plan.

It’s made for a person that wants to do the best that they can for their clients. If you want to change roles, if you want to grow within the firm, there’s plenty of places and room and different roles you can go to.

Clients trust us. They view us as being one of their own because we’re part of the Canadian Medical Association and they see us as being unbiased, and providing a very particular type of advice in a very, very small niche.

At the end of a work day, I come back home and I think: I actually helped somebody today. I always feel the same way.

I actually helped somebody. And that is…it’s a great feeling.

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