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10 Easy Ways to Flex

50 years ago, the office, the attire, and the workstreams were predictable - there was very little variation from the norm. This is not today’s reality. In today’s world, employees have expectation and appreciation of an employer who makes it a priority to grant them the flexibility and space to be productive and achieve goals, both at work and home.

Here are 10 top ‘perks’ that employers (like MD Financial Management) are offering, which provide flexibility, choice and convenience for today’s workforce.

Flexible Benefits:
Providing employee choice in selection of health benefits coverage means that we can choose the plan that fits our needs and stage of life. We are all different, why would the same coverage suit us all?

Flexible Schedules:
Allowing some freedom in work schedules means that employees can make time for family and personal needs without the added stress of clock-watching.

Remote work:
Technology enables us to work anywhere, so why not use that to grant employees the option? Snow days, household repairs, sick kids at home – having the option to work remotely allows us to still be productive while living our lives.

Internal development and mobility:
Companies that invest in their workforce and deliberately support them in their career journey save valuable time in recruiting and mitigating loss of knowledge and contacts.

Corporate Social Responsibility:
Whether it’s time off to volunteer or opportunities to give back to the community on a team or organizational level, this is something that employees expect to see at their workplace.

Performance Based bonus and salary:
Flexibility in compensation drives committed employees to perform and support the business to the best of their ability. Giving everyone a blanket raise or bonus decreases engagement in top performers and reinforces behavior in poor performers.

Recognition Programs:
Today’s workforce wants to be recognized for the good work they do – whether in private or a public forum. Showing timely and specific recognition drives employee engagement and commitment to personal, team and company goals.

Flexibility in Absence Plans:
Sick? Take the day off when you need it. Need more vacation for a trip overseas? You can choose to purchase additional time for the year. Have a family emergency? Take the time you need to deal with it. Providing flexibility around absences means a lot to employees and shows them the company really cares about them as a whole person.

Autonomy at Work:
Having the ownership of one’s own work and the ability to get it done in a way that makes sense goes a long way in creating value for both the employee and the business. The employee growth driven by stretch goals and the freedom to achieve them pays off in spades.

Ongoing Feedback:
Creating a culture of coaching and ongoing feedback enables us to shift and change our work and outcomes for the better. Rather than once-a-year performance reviews, employees are supported and challenged on a constant basis to achieve goals. Everyone wins.

When a business considers how to engage employees, or a candidate considers where to seek new opportunities, flexibility is key. The opportunities made available in a supportive and forward-thinking environment create success for all.