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Achieving Success in your Phone Interview
Four easy steps to get a win in your phone interview.

As a Talent Acquisition Specialist, the telephone screen is a critical first step to ensure I’m sourcing individuals who have the skills, abilities, and knowledge to perform a role AND have the attributes and competencies to successfully fit into the culture.

In advance of calling you, I make sure I’m well versed with respect to the role, your background, and the company’s value proposition. When you pick up the phone and we’re connected, I’m delighted to know you’ve done your homework too! Please be sure to incorporate these keys for interview success and to receive that call-back:

Advanced preparation is key. Do not wing it. I’ve given you ample notice to prepare to speak with me - don’t wait to begin preparing for the interview when you’re on the phone with me! This is your opportunity to sell yourself, your skills, your experience with nothing but what comes out of your mouth. Take my call when you’re able to speak with me privately and in a comfortable space. If you’re not 100% confident about your mobile signal, use a landline.

I commit to making you feel like you’re the only person I want to speak with. Please reciprocate. You’ll find me to be genuine and inquisitive; my communication style will be open; my questions and responses clear and precise. Your strong (not loud!) confident tone creates trust and interest. An uncertain, hesitant tone leaves me wondering and unsure.

Be Succinct
I’ve told you in advance the amount of time we have to speak. If you know the telephone interview is going to be fairly brief, it might be appropriate to make your answers shorter. Practice your answers to some of the common interview questions. Help me paint visual pictures with your words by telling stories that demonstrate the results you achieved or contributed to. Think who, what, when, where, how and why when preparing your responses. If you’ve finished your answer, and you’re not sure I’ve heard enough from you, ask me if you’ve fully answered my question.

Share your personal brand website
Just like I’ve shared our company brand and all it represents, wrap up our conversation by giving me an opportunity to learn even more about you: the work you’ve accomplished, the experiences you’ve had, and the type of person the company will be getting if we decide to hire you.