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Finding Meaning At Work
A quick look at ways to find fulfillment outside of your day to day at work.

You’ve got a problem: you have so much to offer the world but don’t feel you are being used to your full potential within your current role. If only your colleagues and leaders could see the value you are able to bring, you could take your career and your sense of meaning at work to the next level.

How can you bring your energy and passion as contributors to business success, if your role doesn’t currently provide you that opportunity?

Become a joiner, a committee member, and an overall contributor outside of your day-to-day. Every workplace has options for you to channel your energy and skills. As an example, here are a few opportunities at MD Financial Management (where I work):

  • Committee that reviews submissions to the ‘service excellence’ award program
  • Joint Health and Safety committee
  • Social committee
  • Chair or contribute to the United Way campaign
  • Via Slack or intranet – crowdsourcing solutions to everyday issues
  • Contributions to online communities (eg Wellness)

Don’t let your current role inhibit your ability to really bring your ‘A’ game to the workplace. Consider what you are passionate about and where you can add value, then get out there and make a difference! Not only will you make connections and build skills, but your sense of purpose at work will continue to grow with you.