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First Impressions Leave Lasting Impressions!

Written By:
Carol Brazeau
Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

For many job seekers, the emphasis on first impressions generally begins with the initial contact with the employer. Yes, your resume should also be crafted to leave a positive first impression, which then may lead to further contact. Job seekers nowadays need to also realize that they leave a first impression well in advance of submitting their resume.

A job seeker’s online profile through various forms of social media such as Facebook, Linked In and Twitter to name a few, can have a lasting impact on how he or she is perceived by the employer. This can lead to what is referred to as the “Negative Halo Effect” in an interview, where the interviewer already has a negative bias about the candidate, based on something they have seen in the job seeker’s online profile. Once these biases take hold, it can be very difficult to uproot them.

As you begin to update your resume and brush up on your interview skills, take a moment to look at your digital profile. Did you post your party pictures from last weekend on your Facebook page? Does your Linked In profile present you in a professional manner? Have you gotten a handle on your tweets - are they offensive, or politically incorrect? Remember that employers can learn a lot about you even before that first connection – don’t make that first impression the last impression!

As you prepare to hit the “APPLY” button, do a SELFIE check! Look at your photos posted - do you look like the person this company will want to hire? SNAP Judgements don’t vanish. Don’t let the WALL come crumbling down. Your personal online presence can have a profound professional impact, so make it a positive one!