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Written By:
Sandra Abbass, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

As a Talent Acquisition Specialist, I have often been asked how I assess talent during a telephone interview, to ensure I identify the right fit for a role. My answer is that when I am speaking with a potential future employee, I always have the following three questions in mind:

Would I want to work beside this person?

Would I want to manage the efforts of this person?

Would I want to put this person in front of our clients?

Assessing for fit not only includes ensuring the candidate has the skills and experience that match the business needs of the position, but also ensuring they possess the soft skills necessary for success. A candidate can have all the experience in the world, however if they are unable to partner in a team environment, are challenging to manage and most importantly, do not present as a professional brand in front of clients, then what value is that experience?

Some candidates have asked me “What should I do to prepare for an interview” and my advice is always the same: "just be yourself". My approach during a telephone interview is to ensure the candidate feels at ease and to engage them in a conversation that is less formal than a structured interview. It has been my experience that this personable approach allows candidates to feel comfortable, provide genuine and honest answers to my questions and provide a real sense of who they are, and will be as an employee. Sometimes they will share too much information with you, which can also be helpful when you are trying to assess for fit.

No matter what the outcome of that conversation, it is my priority to ensure that the candidate’s experience with me during our time together is memorable and that they walk away with a feeling that they are connected to our MD Financial brand.