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Every Physician Has a Story

At MD, we know that every physician has a story. We work with physicians from across the country offering advice and best-in-class solutions to meet their total wealth management needs—from the first day of medical school right through to retirement.

Dr. Anthea Lafreniere and Matthew Lafreniere’s Story

"MD is a family-focused company. They take care of our family as a whole—physicians and non-physicians alike. Although MD’s services are specifically tailored to Canadian physicians, residents and medical students, they also offer considerable financial expertise and support to family members. They understand the partnership dynamic in our marriage and help us deal with our finances as a couple. We trust them with our financial future."

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Dr. Anthea Lafreniere’s Story

"MD truly understands not only the unique financial challenges that go with being a medical student, resident and physician, but also the journey and the transitions we make along the way. I trust MD with my financial future and would advise any medical student to get involved with them in first year."

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Dr. Edward Kucharski’s Story

"With MD, there are no ulterior motives—just the unbiased advice I need when I need it."

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Nothando Swan’s Story

"As a medical student, the perspective that MD’s given me about my current and future financial situation is invaluable. Being with MD is a great opportunity—and a great privilege—because they’re working for me. I trust MD to look out for my best interests."

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Nathanael Turner’s Story

"The best thing about MD is the financial peace of mind that comes from getting the help and advice I need rather than someone trying to sell me something. MD understands what it’s like to be a medical student and it’s comforting to know that they have my back financially."

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Dr. Placide Rubabaza's Story

"MD offers a comprehensive package that covers all aspects of business and personal financial planning—specifically for doctors and their families. MD makes me feel that I’m taken care of in terms of preparing for the future and planning for my family. I’m confident that MD is looking after my investments, and believe that MD has my best interests in mind at all times."

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Dr. Naeema Matuk's Story

"MD has been helping me with everything from investments to insurance—and providing peace of mind along the way—since 1973. My life was really busy back then and I was glad not to have to spend valuable time running around to different banks and financial companies. I felt secure with the help and advice I received from MD. With MD, I know my future is secure."

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Dr. Sarah van Gaalen’s Story

"When I was in medical school, an MD Advisor helped me set a budget and manage my debt. He gave me good advice about monthly payments and how to reduce the time it would take to pay down my debt. I appreciate the personalized service I get from MD, and am comfortable knowing that I have a handle on what’s going on with my money."

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Dr. Darcy Johnson’s Story

"I believe that MD looks after my interests rather than their own. Their results are good, and I know I don’t have to worry about whether my money will be there for my retirement and my family. MD has detailed research and committed people behind it, and I know they’ll be around for the long term."

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Dr. Jean-Denis Yelle and Susan Nevitt-Yelle's Story

"We've been investing with MD for more than 20 years. From the start, we found them very trustworthy, supportive and informative."

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Dr. Noor Amily's Story

"I didn't know what to expect as I transitioned from medical student to resident. MD helped make it easier."

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Dr. Raman Chawla and Dr. Jasmeet Chawla's Story

"I started saving with MD when I was a teenager because my parents invested with them. My wife joined MD when we got married, and they've given us good advice over the years."

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What's your MD story?