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Dr. Anthea Lafreniere and Matthew Lafreniere

Matt: Anthea and I met at the University of Western Ontario in the nerdiest possible way, which was Science Council. I was the chemistry department representative and Anthea was a commissioner.

When I came out of my undergraduate education, because I came from a family that wasn’t able to support me financially, I came out with a lot of debt.

Anthea: We each had so many different moving pieces where it came to our debt. You know, we each had a credit card or two, we each had OSAP, we each had lines of credit. And certainly, when we got married I wasn’t sure exactly how we would consolidate that debt. I didn’t know what was most financially prudent.

Yeah...organizing a wedding during medical school is not the easiest thing to do, especially when you decide to organize it throughout your third year, which is clerkship for most of us. So, somehow between the surgical rotations and the obstetric rotations, we pulled together a little wedding.

Matt: Yeah.

Anthea: MD is able to take care of not just me as a physician, but my partner, who is not a physician, and our family as a whole.

Matt: And they really understand that—that partnership dynamic in a marriage. And so, they know that though their services may be tailored to a physician, they really do know how to consider the partnership as a whole.

Anthea: I think that more people should be informed of the way MD can really help the entire family, and should look into the services in that way.

Matt: It’s a family-focused company.

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Dr. Anthea Lafreniere, Anatomical Pathology Resident
Matthew Lafreniere, Professor

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