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Dr. Anthea Lafreniere

Medical students, residents and physicians have very unique financial challenges. We are students, but we are very soon small business owners. It’s truly incredible the sort of gamut of financial needs that a physician has, and when I sat down with my MD Advisor, it was very clear that they got it.

I always did a little bit of budgeting on my own; I always thought that, you know, I could handle most of it. But I also think that part of my being a little bit late to getting involved with my financial advisor was because I didn’t think that there was anything that could be done.

As someone that’s coming out of medical school with, you know, the largest possible debt burden, the one thing that my advisor really did was make it clear that this is normal and there’s a way out of this. And I think that providing me with that planning, with that hope, has made a huge difference in terms of how I’ll plan for my career, how I’ll plan for my family and how I will eventually plan for my retirement—and that’s huge.

It’s very clear that my MD Advisor knows me, knows me by first name, knows exactly what residency program I’m in, always follows up with email—I think that combination of competence and capability with, you know, good personal relationships really makes it, and that’s a big part of how MD earned my trust.

"Trust your MD"

Dr. Anthea Lafreniere, Anatomical Pathology Resident

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