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Dr. Darcy Johnson

"What's your MD story?"

I was born here in Winnipeg many years ago—born and raised in North Kildonan, which is right close to where my practice is. It's a very interesting practice. I have patients who have known me since before I was born—former neighbours, friends of the family.

I started in 1985 was when I bought my first share of MD Growth, and I think I held my first shares for about 20-odd years before I sold any of them.

I feel very comfortable with the organization and appreciate the fact that they're owned by the CMA—which is an organization I also appreciate and feel very proud to be a part of.

I used to do a lot of things on my own and now I'm transitioning more and more over to the Financial Manager; transitioning over MD accounts over to PIC and doing it in such a way as not to pay too much tax. It's going really well.

MD is competent. They have good research behind them. They can provide the depth of expertise and the ability to manage the assets in a way that's in my interest and will be in my family's interest going forward.

"What's your MD story?"

Dr. Darcy Johnson, Family Medicine

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