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Dr. Edward Kucharski

Before going into medical school I got a line of credit with another financial institution, and then as I got closer to MD and knowing my advisor when I was in medical school, I got pointed in the direction of a better line of credit that was able to address the needs that I had.

Allowing MD to worry about some of the financial issues related to medical school and training was really helpful that way. Then as we graduate and then as we buy houses and have families, I think MD’s consistency being there for basically a lifetime is probably the biggest impact that I’ve felt with them.

Both, actually, my parents are clients of MD. My mother is a physician, so it was nice to be able to talk to my parents about where I was going with my future and where they were going with their future as well; and so I look at MD as kind of that facilitator in terms of our family and what we hope for, for the future and what we kind of expect. So really nice to have this one, unifying organization be there for us.

When I’m working with my advisor I feel that, you know, everything is out on the table, there’s not really any smoke and mirrors, and I know where she’s coming from and she knows where I’m coming from and I feel that we work together. MD has been with me every step of the way, and they’ve been with my friends and family and colleagues every step of the way.

"Trust your MD"

Dr. Edward Kucharski, Family Physician

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