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Dr. Jean-Denis Yelle and Mrs. Susan Nevitt-Yelle

Dr. Yelle: There's multiple facets of MD and they touch us in a different way at different times in your life.

Mrs. Yelle: My brother indicated that MD Management would be available because Jean-Denis was a physician and he said that they have a really great track record.

Dr. Yelle: The plan has been put forward early on, and we stick to it.

Mrs. Yelle: As our finances grew, we needed places to secure things and to secure the kids' future. So each time MD put us in to that next place.

Dr. Yelle: If you are willing to accept the support of MD Management and let them guide you, I think you will be coming out a winner at the end.

"What's your MD story?"

Dr. Jean-Denis Yelle, Trauma Surgeon
Mrs. Susan Nevitt-Yelle, BN, Administrative Assistant

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