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Drs. Raman and Jasmeet Chawla

Dr. Jasmeet Chawla: MD helped us in developing the corporation and we did incorporate three years ago and it worked very well for us — and I wish we'd done it earlier actually. MD is a great company and a great vehicle for investment.

Dr. Raman Chawla: Knowing they're so professional and trustworthy. Makes me trust them more. I can have my peace of mind.

Dr. Jasmeet Chawla: I started with MD as a teenager. My parents were with MD, invested through MD and they made sure that any money we saved during our part-time jobs or during the summer, we invested it. And so the vehicle they gave us to invest to was through MD. It's been a great experience. It's like family, and knowing it is part of the CMA, it is family.

"What's your MD story?"

Dr. Raman Chawla, Internal Medicine Specialist
Dr. Jasmeet Chawla, Internist and Nephrologist

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