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Dr. Sarah van Gaalen

"What's your MD story?"

I started with MD in medical school. We got our orientation talk from the organization very early on in first year, and they recommended that we have a budget consultation, when we looked at all the areas where I was spending money and what sort of debt I should expect to accumulate over the years.

It was a very useful experience, to have that right at the beginning of medical school to keep me going forward. Then—once I actually kind of had more of a routine, I knew what my monthly income was and what my monthly expenses were—we met again in the fall and now our plan was kind of taking shape. MD really puts my mind at ease that... I have a plan, and that's really important for me. It's definitely the personalized service, it's that it's very designed for my needs. All their clients are doctors, so they knew before I did how much money I was going to make.

I tell all my resident friends about MD because I just think that it's such a great service and why wouldn't you? It just makes sense—it's almost a no-brainer.

"What's your MD story?"

Dr. Sarah van Gaalen, Internal Medicine Resident

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