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Nothando Swan

I use the financial planning service because my expenses are quite extensive in comparison to what they were before.

As we know, med school costs quite a bit so I anticipated that things would start to cost more money.

I meet with my financial advisor twice a year—once in the fall and once in the spring—and we go over the budget that I have for that year.

I do my appointments over the phone, with a shared screen, and that means that I can meet anywhere. He also has very specific numbers for things and for different services or different grants that apply to me as a student.

The biggest impact that MD has had for me is giving me some perspective as to what I can expect with my budget and I’m really grateful for that because it makes me feel more at ease about the spending that I am doing and the kind of debt that I can expect to have—and how I’m going to manage it.

I have a plan and I don’t think that I would’ve had that type of perspective without MD. Having the advice and guidance of MD helps me feel at ease with my financial planning for the future.

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Nothando Swan, Medical Student

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