Number 1 with Canadian physicians, because we put physicians first.
Daniel Labonté, Executive Vice President, Member Experience
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Number 1 with Canadian physicians, because we put physicians first.
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The MD Advantage

Number one with Canadian physicians, because we put physicians first.

MD is the wealth management company most trusted by Canadian physicians,1 because we are the only national firm exclusively dedicated to the financial well-being of Canada’s physicians and their families. MD has the single mandate of advising physicians in order to achieve financial well-being.

Supported by close to 50 years of physician-focused experience, MD’s Advisors and teams of professionals provide a comprehensive financial plan, advice and solutions specific to physicians’ needs at every stage of their career, from medical school to practice and through retirement.

MD’s Advisors work on salary, not commission. Without incentives to sell any particular product, our Advisors provide objective advice that is in our clients’ best interests.

Objectivity is also part of our unique approach to fund management. It’s an approach based on disciplined oversight and unbiased selection from among the world’s best asset managers.

Our priority is for clients to meet their financial goals, not for us to maximize corporate profits.

MD delivers industry-leading value by providing physician-focused advice and asset managers from among the world’s best, at some of the lowest fees in Canada.2 With more than $45 billion in assets under administration, MD has been recognized by several industry third parties for client satisfaction and growth.

Financial planning

Our clients benefit from tailored advice that is integrated in a comprehensive financial plan. We also offer discretionary investment management for high-net-worth individuals and families.


We offer a full suite of low-fee investment options including mutual funds run by leading global investment managers, stocks, fixed income and third-party mutual funds.

Medical practice incorporation

MD can help clarify exactly what incorporation might entail for you and your practice. That way, you can evaluate the potential challenges and opportunities of incorporation for yourself.


Our clients rely on MD for insurance strategies designed to build, protect and share wealth. We can protect your loved ones, your most important assets and your practice.

Estates and trusts

Estate and trust planning gives you and your family tax-advantaged financial security. Our trust and estate planning professionals offer objective advice based on years of experience meeting the needs of physicians and their families.


We give you access to a range of banking services at competitive rates along with advice designed specifically for physicians, medical students and residents.

1 The MD Financial Management Loyalty Survey, April 2018. Respondents (MD clients and non-MD clients) were asked to identify their primary financial institution (MD or other) and rate their level of trust associated with that institution. MD received the highest trust rating compared with all other firms rated.

2 MD compared the management expense ratio (MER) for MD mutual funds and MD Precision Portfolios™ (applies to Series A fees only) with the average mutual fund MERs for comparable funds, using data from Investor Economics as of December 31, 2016.