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CMA Companies corporate structure (PDF)

MD Financial Management Inc.

At MD Financial Management Inc., we are fully focused in creating value for Canada's physicians. Our unique, integrated offering of wealth management services are built to meet your specific needs and save you time.

MD Financial Management Inc. supports physicians by helping them achieve financial well-being from medical school through retirement.

MD Financial Management is the manager and trustee of the MD family of funds, a group of 13 proprietary mutual funds. The company retains and supervises world-class investment managers, who manage the portfolio assets of one or more of the funds or parts of the funds.

MD Private Investment Counsel

MD Private Investment Counsel offers investors the option to delegate responsibility for their day-to-day investment decisions to a licensed investment professional. MD Private Investment Counsel clients have a discretionary asset management account and gain access to our portfolio managers, who provide investment advice and portfolio management services.

MD Private Trust Company

MD Private Trust Company offers estate and trust services. Our estate and trust advisors work seamlessly with MD advisors to assess your circumstances and needs.

MD Insurance Agency Limited

The MD Insurance Agency Limited delivers a range of insurance products to meet your personal insurance and insurance-related investment needs. A team of insurance consultants works in tandem with MD advisors. MD Insurance Agency Limited's consultants provide insurance products from MD, as well as other products from provincial medical associations. All life-licensed MD employees have life licenses with MD Insurance Agency Limited, a CMA company.

MD Practice Software LP, MD Practice Software GP Inc.

MD Practice Software LP was created in 2012 and is a limited partnership. MD Practice Software GP acts as the general partner in the partnership. MD Financial Management is also a limited partner.

MD Management Limited

MD Management offers full financial planning services in 49 branch offices. Our more than 190 advisors will meet with you to explore your financial goals, review your financial picture, assess your risk tolerance and make recommendations.