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Physician-focused objective advice

I honestly love working for MD. They are a company that walks the talk.

Leah Aulenbach
Financial Consultant, Early Career Specialist
MD Management Limited

And we focus just on physicians, which allows us to really hone in on their unique needs.

To work with a company that truly puts the clients ahead, and truly has their best needs at heart, and does everything that they can to support them along the way outshines any other institution that I’ve ever worked for.

Medical school is incredibly stressful. It’s all-consuming for them.

And there’s this other aspect that’s also stressful for them, and that’s the financial side, because it’s incredibly expensive to go through medical school.

So the support that we can offer, it’s understanding, for one. It’s to show them that it can be done, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. That it’s going to be OK.

And help them understand the pieces that are involved, whether it’s interest rates, how they’re going to pay their debt back.

What makes sense, what doesn’t.

So one of the ways that I position my role to clients is to think of me as a family physician.

To come to me for everything. I’ll triage, I’ll assess the situation.

And if there’s a need for a specialist to be brought in, then that’s when I’ll refer off.

Whether it’s insurance, whether it’s estate and trust, whatever the case may be.

So that they know that they have their go-to person, but there’s also a whole team of us that are there to help them along the way.

I’m really excited about the direction that MD Management is going towards, and the future that we have.

And one thing will absolutely stay the same, and that’s that we know physicians best.