A message from MD

BRIAN: As you know, a few months ago we made a very large announcement, and it took a lot of people by surprise.

Brian Peters
President & CEO, MD Financial Management

Over the last few months, I’ve been speaking to clients, speaking to your colleagues, and one of the things I hear over and over and over again: “Are we going to keep physician interests first? Are we going to listen and incorporate your ideas into our offer?” And I can say, unequivocally, yes. And it’s not just me saying yes, it’s also Scotia saying yes. Alex?

Alex Besharat
Senior Vice President, Scotia Wealth Management

ALEX: MD has always worked for you. It will continue to work for you. We’re not going to change that. Scotia will help MD grow and give even more than it has in the past.

BRIAN: You know, saying “trust us” just isn’t enough. So we’re making four specific commitments that you can hold us accountable to.

ALEX: One is objective advice. Keeping MD’s people, its staff, its leadership and the philosophy of objective advice as it’s always been is critical.

1. Objective advice

BRIAN: You know, Advisors are the centrepiece of our offering, and what we hear most that you value most. So MD Advisors are going to continue to remain salaried. They will not be incentivized to sell investment or banking products.

ALEX: Two, we’ll keep fees competitive. Our intention is to keep the fees the same, or lower, whenever possible.

2. Competitive fees

BRIAN: Three, we want to make sure physicians have a strong voice at MD. We’re going to continue to look for ways to incorporate the physician’s voice, through all of our normal mechanisms, plus a physician advisory group that will report to senior management.

3. Physicians will have a strong voice

ALEX: Four, we will provide your Advisors with more innovative investment options for you and your family to choose from.

4. Broader and more innovative choices

BRIAN: Our job is to really prove these words with action. Over the last 50 years, you’ve built us. You are a part of our DNA, and we will continue to make sure you’re the centre of everything that we do.