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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why did MD decide to make changes to the secure website?

The goal of this initiative was to improve the design, content and accessibility of the website in an effort to provide you with a more rewarding client experience. Based on your feedback and requests, our focus was to introduce new features which would enable you to complete your transactions in a timely and efficient manner, on any platform (PC, Tablet or Smartphone). View a list of some of these new enhancements.

2. How do I get back to my list of all accounts?

There are three ways to return to the page which displays all of your accounts at a glance:

  • Click on the Home icon Home Iconthat appears on the upper left corner (appears on all pages).
  • Click on the MD Financial Management logo on the upper left corner (appears on all pages).
  • Click on the Home link in the Breadcrumbs when in the MD Management Limited or MD Private Investment Counsel sections of the site.

Home Menu

3. How do I change my account preferences, such as username, password, email etc?

All of your account preferences can be accessed from the drop-down menu located next to your name on the upper left side of the screen. This menu selection is available on all pages:

Account preferences

4. I am unable to access my accounts as my password appears to be invalid. How do I change my password?

If you have a message informing you that your password is invalid and are unable to access your account, please contact the MD Helpdesk at 1 877 431-0330 or send us an email at mdsupport@cma.ca.

5. How do I navigate between my MD management limited and MD private investment counsel portfolios in the secure website?

With the new single sign in functionality, we have combined our MD Management (MDM) and MD Private Investment Counsel (MDPIC) website in one location. The Total Portfolio section provides you with an at-a-glance overview of all of your MD accounts and you can seamlessly move back and forth between your MDM and MDPIC portfolios with our easy-to-use tab structure, located on the top of the page.


6. Can I opt out of printed statements and other MD documents?

You can view and print MD Statements, Trade Confirmations (MD Management Accounts only ) and Tax Slips online at any time.

You can opt out of receiving MD Statements and Tax Slips by mail by changing your document delivery preference to “Online only” in the Mail Preference section of your profile. You will receive an email notification when your document is ready to be viewed online.

Opt out

7. Where can I find the contact information of my advisor team at MD?

The contact information for your MD Financial Advisor, PIC Portfolio Manager and Regional Investment Administrator (if applicable) can be accessed by clicking the My Team link in the top navigation bar of the secure website.