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    Sector Scan: Real Estate Offers Generous Yields Compared to Many Other Assets

    Whether we realize it or not, real estate plays an important role in most of our lives. At some point, most of us will think about owning a home, which means thinking about mortgage rates, resale values, renovations, and many other things. My family is looking to move this summer, so I know how much time and analysis goes into shopping for a new home and getting an old one ready for sale. I think about real estate at work, too, as MD invests ...

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    Good Economic News Pushes Fed to Make First Rate Hike of 2018

    The U.S. Federal Reserve announced Wednesday its first interest rate hike of 2018, shifting up 0.25%, increasing the target rate to 1.50% – 1.75%. The announcement capped Jerome Powell’s first meeting as Chairman of the Federal Reserve and expressed growing confidence in the strength of the U.S. economy.  With the probability of a rate increase at over 90% before the announcement, the hike didn’t surprise investors. The Fed also provided ...

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    Sector Scan: A Tale of Two Energy Markets

    Here in Ottawa, we rang in 2018 with a deep freeze as temperatures dipped to minus 20 degrees Celsius, and on some days below minus 30 degrees with the wind-chill factor. I have to confess that I’m not a big fan of the cold and wish the winters in our beautiful country were a bit warmer, but as a Canadian, the cold is in my blood. Most days during the deep freeze, just the thought of wrestling my car to start made me cringe. It’s during these ...

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    Sector Scan: The Future of Retail and Other Existential Thoughts from the Mall

    I’ve been enjoying life as a new father since my son was born in April, but was shocked by one experience this week: our first visit to the mall for a photo with Santa Claus. Excited to take part in this fun tradition, I hadn’t expected the crowds. Hundreds of parents and fidgety kids were packed to the rafters of Ottawa’s Bayshore Shopping Centre for their turn to sit with Old Saint Nick. An hour’s wait for Santa gave me plenty of time to ...

  • 52151-md-blog-fomc_200x200

    U.S. Federal Reserve Raises Rates as the Economy Continues to Strengthen

    In a nearly unanimous decision, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) announced on December 13 that it will increase the federal funds target rate by 0.25%. The new target range for the federal funds rate is 1.25% to 1.50%. The economy and labour market continue to expand  The largely anticipated move affirms the Fed’s view that the U.S. economy has become strong enough to withstand reduced monetary stimulation. Economic activity is ...

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    Even With a New Chairman, It Will Be Business as Usual at The Fed

    The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) met this week and the outcome was...well, kind of boring. Of course, it’s strange to call anything the Fed does boring. They’re charged with keeping the largest economy on the planet on track, after all. But investors the world over expected them to hold on interest rates, and they did just that. The Fed also announced that it has begun the long term process of normalizing its balance sheet, as ...

  • 44427-MD-blog-Thanksgiving_200x200

    Don’t Forget the Cranberry Sauce: Pharmacy Deal Adds Gravy to a Grocery Chain

    If you’ll be shopping to make Thanksgiving dinner this weekend, your favourite grocery store might be the scene of an epic food fight. Canada’s Big Three food retailers have been waging an ongoing battle to win customers and market share, as they face aggressive, large and transformative competitors like Walmart and Amazon—which recently picked up Whole Foods, as I’ve previously written about. Now one of the Big Three, Montreal-based Metro ...

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    Sector Scan: Hold the phone! Why cord-cutting won’t kill the telcos

    Every month, we examine one stock market sector’s role in the economy and how investors can benefit from it. This month, MD Portfolio Manager, Edward Golding takes a closer look at telcos, where profit is driven by wireless and internet growth. Here’s why no investor should cut the cord on this sector.         I got hooked on a Blackberry device about a decade ago when I worked as an analyst covering the ...

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    Digesting a Grocery Deal: The Whole Foods Takeover

    When my wife and I do groceries, we always shop using the Flipp app—it lets us price-match the week’s best deals and save money at our local Real Canadian Superstore. The use of a digital app on our phones is a small example of how technology can influence everyday shopping habits. The next breakthrough may take place in your home, now that Amazon Inc. is scaling up plans to deliver groceries you buy online. In June, the world’s largest ...

  • MD-blog-railway_200x200

    Why, Even in a Jet Age, We Still Ride the Rails

    As I recently reclined aboard VIA Rail train #656 on my way home from Montreal to Ottawa, I couldn’t help but appreciate how comfortable the journey was, compared to my usual trip by air. The ride gave me opportunity to think about the role of railways in our economy and how our investments in Canadian railroad companies have benefited our clients­—why you might count on a freight train or two in your MD portfolio. Solid economic ...