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    When Disaster Strikes, Much Depends on Data

    I know for most people, insurance is one of those dreary things you have to buy, and hope to never use. But I see a vibrant industry in the midst of technological transformation—something I think is being revealed in its response to Hurricane Harvey in the wake of the devastating destruction in Texas and Louisiana that is affecting millions of lives. On the ground in Houston, for example, some insurance companies are ready to deploy fleets of ...

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    Made in China: The Next Tech Revolution

    By Fred Wang, CFA, FSA, FCIA, FRM Quantitative Investment Analyst Several weeks ago, I travelled home to Beijing for Chinese New Year celebrations. While I enjoyed spending time with family and friends, I kept thinking about how the China I experienced was very different from the way it’s being portrayed abroad. If you look at how the international media cover China and its economy, you have to wonder whether you’re getting the real picture ...