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    Staying in Control: Emotional Investing

    In an earlier blog post I talked about eating healthy, exercising regularly and following a disciplined investment strategy. Markets started 2018 with a month of positive performance, but since then, volatility has increased to more normal levels and we’ve forfeited those early gains. At MD, we’ve been preparing for this; while we continue to believe equities will outperform fixed income at this time, our equity portfolios were generally ...

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    Starting Off the Year Right

    With the holiday season behind us, it’s that time of the year where I turn my attention to two things: losing the 10 pounds of holiday weight I’ve gained and looking for signs in equity markets to see what’s in store for 2018. The first will come with healthier dietary choices and getting back to regular exercise (albeit slower than I would like), but figuring out what equity markets will do this year is a tad bit more complicated. A positive ...

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    Back in the Black for U.S. Housing

    I remember when the U.S. housing market infamously collapsed during the global financial crisis nearly a decade ago. Subprime mortgages and overextended homeowners led to sweeping foreclosures across the country. Like many Canadians, I was tempted by the opportunity to purchase U.S. property for investment, vacation and/or retirement purposes—especially since the Canadian dollar was at par at the time. Housing prices have recovered and then ...

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    At 30 Times the Price of Oil, This Precious Canadian Commodity Tastes Great

    Here’s something to contemplate over breakfast this Canada Day weekend: That maple syrup you might casually drizzle over your pancakes is worth more than 30 times the price of oil. At $1,700 per barrel of maple syrup1 versus a scant $50 per barrel of crude, this is a Great Canadian Commodity we think merits attention on this national holiday. Move over Big Oil: it’s Big Maple While Canada ranks sixth in oil production, our country ...

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    What’s Warren Buffett Having for Breakfast?

    Over the 17 years I’ve been involved in business and finance, I’ve always been captivated by Warren Buffett and his journey—from his humble beginnings, amassing a reported $74 billion USD net worth, to his decision to donate the majority of his fortune to charity.  Mr. Buffett, seen as the superhero of investors, has been able to consistently outperform the markets throughout his long career. Much of his legend focuses on his ability to ...

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    108 Years in the Making – Cubs Win!

    Earlier this week, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series of baseball in a dramatic 7 game series and ended the longest championship drought in professional sports history – 108 years! As a CFA Charterholder, I’m trained to look at history and make educated predictions about the future. Previously as a fixed income analyst, I spent much of my time analyzing data trying to predict the direction of interest rates. When the analyst in me sees a ...