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    Sector Scan: Why Even Santa Depends on Global Transportation

    Great news if you pre-ordered an iPhone X for your holiday gift list: Apple shortened shipping estimates to two to three weeks in Canada and the United States—just in time to land it under the Christmas tree. Eager customers have been following UPS tracking as their coveted phones travel hectic itineraries, comparing notes online: To reach Vancouver, one order was reported to be shipped by air from China with stops in Korea, Anchorage, Kentucky ...

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    Samsung: It’s About Big Profits, Not Big News

    Samsung produces more smartphones than any other company, including one model last year that spontaneously caught fire. Those incendiary Galaxy Note 7s were soon recalled and replaced...with more phones that spontaneously caught fire. Airlines cautioned passengers about the hazards of using their old and new Samsung phones, and Samsung stock plummeted. But even a defective—and worse—dangerous product didn’t erode our confidence in Samsung’s ...

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    Private Corporations: Understanding the Proposed Tax Changes on Passive Investments

    When it comes to the federal government’s proposed tax changes, the one on passive investments is promising to be the most complex. On July 18, the government introduced a proposed new framework for the taxation of passive income held inside private corporations. The outcome of it, if enacted, would effectively be a significant increase in the passive tax rate. At that time, no legislation was introduced; instead, the community at large was ...

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    Getting paid for patience (not patients)

    In the information age, investing can seem like a game where you need to make all the right moves all the time. At an investment conference I attended recently, one of the presenters used examples of how humans have been genetically wired through 3.7 million years of evolution to focus on short-term risks or perils – the kind we absorb from the media every day. A well-known annual study links this fear factor to investing. Conducted by Dalbar ...

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    Get a Head Start on Your 2017 Tax Return

    While tax-efficient investing should be a year-round activity, for many of us tax planning is a topic that only gets our attention as year-end approaches. Here are some tips that may save you money on your taxes. Top up your Registered Retirement Savings Plan Wednesday, March 1, 2018, is the deadline to make an RRSP contribution that can be claimed for the 2017 tax year, but making a contribution earlier will maximize tax-deferred growth. Make ...

    Posted November 7, 2017  |  By MD
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    Sector Scan: As Canadian As... Big Banks

    Holding bank stocks in your portfolio is right up there with tuques and Timbits as a symbol of Canadian identity—it’s hard for us not to invest in them, as this industry represents nearly a third of our nation’s key market index. Now that 10 years have passed since the start of the global financial crisis, it’s timely for us to revisit the banking sector, at home and around the world. Canada’s has shown resilience next to global peers ...

  • 52151-MD-blog-FOMC_200x200

    Even With a New Chairman, It Will Be Business as Usual at The Fed

    The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) met this week and the outcome was...well, kind of boring. Of course, it’s strange to call anything the Fed does boring. They’re charged with keeping the largest economy on the planet on track, after all. But investors the world over expected them to hold on interest rates, and they did just that. The Fed also announced that it has begun the long term process of normalizing its balance sheet, as ...

  • 48819-MD-blog-bull-market_200x200

    Why We Don’t Set Clocks By Market Cycles

    It’s closing in on 10 years since North American markets tumbled into the financial crisis of 2007–2008. Today, as U.S. benchmarks flirted with record highs, it’s reasonable for investors to ask if we might be nearing the end of another cycle—can a bull market continue to run over this length of time? The easy answer is that market cycles don’t follow timelines—especially viewed from a global perspective, not just a North American one. Global ...

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    Private Corporation Tax Proposals - Federal Government Steps Back from Tax Proposals Impacting the Conversion of Income into Capital Gains

    On October 19, the federal government continued its announcements about revisions to the Private Corporation Tax proposals originally introduced on July 18. The announcement focused on the tax proposal that would have restricted the ability to convert income such as dividends into capital gains. The government announced today that it will not move forward with these changes at this time. Instead they will work with business owners, which ...

  • md-blog_200x200-currrency

    Private Corporation Tax Proposals: Federal Government Introduces New Threshold to Passive Investment Income

    On October 18, the federal government announced that it will be making revisions to one of its proposed tax changes: the holding of a passive investment portfolio in a private corporation. (Active business income is the income generated from the core business and/or practice activities of a corporation. If a physician doesn’t utilize all corporate earnings to pay annual practice expenses, the excess can be invested within the corporation, in ...