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    Sub-advisor Spotlight: At Mawer, A Meditative Mind

    MD’s global sub-advisors are hired for their investment philosophy, asset management expertise, investment research, innovation and, above all, their great people. In this series, we’ll introduce you to a few of the faces behind our funds, pools and portfolios. Successful investment firms depend on a steadfast research team: honest thinkers who crunch numbers, ask questions, make sense of company and industry trends and help us decide how best ...

    Posted October 13, 2017  |  By MD
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    Don’t Forget the Cranberry Sauce: Pharmacy Deal Adds Gravy to a Grocery Chain

    If you’ll be shopping to make Thanksgiving dinner this weekend, your favourite grocery store might be the scene of an epic food fight. Canada’s Big Three food retailers have been waging an ongoing battle to win customers and market share, as they face aggressive, large and transformative competitors like Walmart and Amazon—which recently picked up Whole Foods, as I’ve previously written about. Now one of the Big Three, Montreal-based Metro ...

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    Sector Scan: Hold the phone! Why cord-cutting won’t kill the telcos

    Every month, we examine one stock market sector’s role in the economy and how investors can benefit from it. This month, MD Portfolio Manager, Edward Golding takes a closer look at telcos, where profit is driven by wireless and internet growth. Here’s why no investor should cut the cord on this sector.         I got hooked on a Blackberry device about a decade ago when I worked as an analyst covering the ...

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    Like Watching Paint Dry… If Paint Had the Power to Devalue Your Money

    Ah, September. After all the chaos of trips, camps and late bedtimes—the structure of the school year and its predictable routines are a welcome change for parents and kids alike, even if we’re all a little more exhausted than usual. Of course, in my line of work, predictability is always desirable—especially with respect to the actions of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC). They met this week to discuss interest rate plans and the ...

  • 37409-MD-blog-Back-to-school_200x200

    Inside Our Portfolio Backpack—Back-to-School Edition

    You don’t have to be a med school student or, like me, a parent of school-aged children (three of ’em, actually!) to know this is prime season to dole out dollars. Given the time I’ve spent in shops lately, I thought we could compare our back-to-school shopping habits, plus look at some of the companies in our portfolios that stock the shelves. A shopping barometer for back to school sales Back-to-school sales are a big event for North ...

  • 37099-MD-blog-Bitcoin_200x200

    A Bit About Bitcoin. . .

    In my line of work, friends and family often ask for my thoughts on various investments. Generally, they ask about stocks but, lately, the questions have been about Bitcoin. I see why Bitcoin might grab your attention: Its price has more than tripled, year-to-date. (At yesterday’s close, a Bitcoin was valued at more than CDN$5,800). Another prominent rival, Ether, is on the rise, recently trading at close to 50 times its 2016 year-end value of ...

  • 30269-MD-blog-incorporation_200x200

    Proposed Tax Changes to Private Corporations: What Physicians Were Asking at General Council

    As most physicians now know, the federal government has proposed tax changes that will affect private corporations and their shareholders. MD Financial Management is following these developments closely. At the recent General Council meeting in Quebec City, our incorporation and tax experts addressed questions from members of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) during a session on private corporations. Here are some of the questions ...

  • 36102-MD-blog-Insurance_200x200

    When Disaster Strikes, Much Depends on Data

    I know for most people, insurance is one of those dreary things you have to buy, and hope to never use. But I see a vibrant industry in the midst of technological transformation—something I think is being revealed in its response to Hurricane Harvey in the wake of the devastating destruction in Texas and Louisiana that is affecting millions of lives. On the ground in Houston, for example, some insurance companies are ready to deploy fleets of ...

  • 34747-MD-blog-NAFTA_200x200

    NAFTA in the Netflix Age

    The year the North American Free Trade Agreement came into effect, there was no such thing as Google and you had to walk to Blockbuster to watch a movie at home. As NAFTA negotiations intensify in the coming weeks, there are many questions about the future of this long-standing agreement, from its impact on Canada’s economy to whether Canadians will ever be able to access U.S. Netflix. (My fingers are crossed on the latter). I strongly believe ...