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Banking solutions for physicians

We offer a complete range of banking services tailored to the specific requirements of physicians and their families. From day-to-day needs like credit cards and chequing accounts to short and long-term loans, we can help you choose the banking solutioni that suits you best.

Savings account

National Bank High Interest Savings Account

Save your hard-earned income with National Bank’s great rate on balances over $5,000. Enjoy account access at more than 3,300 ATM machines across Canada via THE EXCHANGE® Network. Find an ATM in your area.

All-In-One BankingTM

Enjoy a single banking solution with greater convenience and lower interest costs. National Bank’s All-In-One Banking combines your chequing, high-interest savings, loans and mortgages within a single line of credit banking solution. It could give you greater convenience and lower interest costs.

Every time you make a deposit to your National Bank All-In-One Banking account, your personal debt is instantly and automatically reduced. This can dramatically lower the cost of financing major purchases such as a car, a cottage, home renovations or tuition for a child's education.

MD Platinum Plan

The MD Platinum Plan is a benefit package offered to CMA/MD World Elite or Platinum MasterCard credit card holders. Access the banking services you use most in one competitive package. Exclusively for CMA member physicians and their spouses, the MD Platinum Plan banking package is designed to help provide you with convenience, value and flexibility, including:

  • personal lines of creditii— at prime rateiii with no account handling fees including unlimited transactions on some automated services.
  • CMA/MD World Elite or Platinum MasterCardTM2 — with a generous and flexible rewards plan and an extensive travel insurance program
  • up to three chequing accounts—with low fees

You get this full suite of exclusive services for just $125 a yeariv (the annual interest rate is 19.99%).

Mortgages loans, lines of credit


We can help you try to make the right borrowing decision and get debt-free sooner. Fixed rate? Variable rate? A combination mortgage? All-In-One Banking? Let your MD Advisor refer you to a National Bank financing solutions specialist (1-866-333-2580) to find the mortgage solutioniv that best fits your life and your financial plan.

Loans and lines of creditv

Enjoy cost-effective flexible financing to do everything from improving your cash flow to making an RRSP contribution or running your practice.

  • Secured and unsecured loans and lines of credit term loans that mature between one and 10 years
  • RRSP loans to top up your RRSP or to take advantage of unused contribution room and generate potential tax savings.

Meet with your MD Advisor to incorporate borrowing advice into your integrated wealth management strategy.

Credit cards

Through our relationship with National Bank, MD offers access to a credit card designed especially for physicians.

Enjoy a generous and flexible rewards plan and an extensive travel insurance program you won't find anywhere else with the CMA/MD World Elite MasterCard.

Here’s what you get:

  • Flexible travel rewards, with no blackout periods
  • A rich and varied À la carte rewards program. Earn up to 2.5 points per dollar in purchases
  • Travel medical insurance: 15 to 60 days
  • Travel accident insurance:
    • Trip cancellation - up to $2,500 per person
    • Trip interruption - up to $5,000 per person
    • Flight delay - up to $500 per person, for flights delayed for over 4 hours
  • Auto rental collision / loss damage
  • Purchase protection for 180 days following date of purchase
  • Extended warranty protection triples manufacturer’s coverage period for up to two additional years
  • Exclusive concierge service (local and international)
  • Free access to Salon World MasterCard Banque Nationale at the Montreal-Trudeau airport
  • Travel without restriction
  • Travel reimbursements per account each year:
    • up to $100 for airport parking
    • up to $100 for baggage fees
    • up to $50 for seat selection charge

Who qualifies:

  • Individual income: $80,000
  • Household income: $150,000


  • Annual fee – primary card: $125
  • Annual fee – secondary card: No charge

(Up to three additional cards for no additional annual fee)

Complete the application then mail or fax it to National Bank.

Talk to an MD Advisor.

To open an account today, contact your MD Advisor so we can put you in contact with a representative at the National Bank, or call the MD Banking Solutions Service Centre at National Bank at 1 866 333-2580.

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i Banking products and services are offered by National Bank of Canada through a relationship with MD Management Limited. Credit and lending products are subject to credit approval by National Bank of Canada.

ii A statement of account is issued monthly. Account handling charge: $0.00/month. The annual interest rate for a personal Line of Credit is the prime rate* (representing a rate of 3.20% as at September 6, 2017). The Line of credit bears interest as of the date it is used. The minimum monthly amount is limited to the monthly interest and the life insurance premium (if applicable) as long as limits are respected.

iii Prime rate means the annual variable interest rate published by National Bank from time to time as the benchmark interest rate for Canadian dollar demand loans granted by National Bank in Canada. This rate is subject to change without notice. To check the prime rate, which is updated regularly, click here.

iv The annual fee will be billed automatically and will appear on the Platinum MasterCard account statement. The statement of account is issued monthly. The minimum payment required corresponds to 3% of your account balance plus any overdue amount or $10, whichever amount is higher (unless your account balance is lower than $10, in which case you must pay the entire balance). If you have exceeded your credit limit, the minimum payment due will then be 3% of the account balance or the amount exceeding the credit limit, whichever is higher. The grace period is 21 days. No grace period applies to cash advances and balance transfers. Examples of credit charges calculated for a 30-day period at the rate in effect as of October 1, 2014 are as follows:

If average balance is:
Annual interest rate$500.00$3,000.00

The credit terms and conditions for the CMA/MD Platinum MasterCard are described on the back of the application form.

v Financing solutions are granted, subject to credit approval by National Bank of Canada.