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Trust Planning

MD Financial Management has helped physicians make estate planning decisions for nearly 40 years. Along with MD Private Trust Company, no other organization is in a better position to help you make trust planning part of your overall wealth management strategy.

By appointing MD Private Trust as your professional trustee, you can be sure that experienced and caring professionals will always be there for you and your family. Ask your MD Advisor for a confidential assessment of your personal trust planning opportunities.


  • Specialized. Benefit from the objective advice of specialized trust and estate planning specialists with experience in meeting the needs of physicians.
  • Reassurance. Feel confident that your wealth will be used to benefit you and your loved ones according to your specific instructions throughout your lifetime and beyond.
  • Tax-smart. Leave a more valuable legacy to your future heirs by eliminating costly probate and executor fees.
  • Expertly managed. Work with professionals who can help you implement the right trust strategy and expertly manage the assets within the trust.

Inter vivos trust

An inter vivos trust—or “living” trust—provides explicit direction to your personal trustee on how to manage your money in the event that you become incapacitated by an illness or injury. It can provide you, your spouse, your family or anyone else you care for with the financial support they need if you are unable to continue managing your affairs.

Benefits of an inter vivos trust

  • Provide for your own care in the event of illness or injury, and ensure that your loved ones are always cared for.
  • Create a more valuable legacy for your beneficiaries, and decide how and when they will have access to funds.
  • Maintain complete privacy regarding your assets and their distribution.
  • Protect your estate assets from mismanagement or a contested will.
  • Be able to change the terms of your trust or access your funds at any time.

Testamentary trust

A testamentary trust is created through your will to direct exactly how your estate’s assets will be managed and distributed to your beneficiaries. Whatever your family’s unique situation may be, your MD estate and trust advisor can establish a trust strategy with terms that are tailored to your needs.

Potential Testamentary Trust Strategies

  • Provide ongoing, tax-efficient financial support to a spouse, child or grandchild.
  • Continue to care for a disabled or infirm family member.
  • Specify the age at which a child or grandchild can access their inheritance, or direct the funds to a specific use, such as education funding.
  • Create a legacy for a valued charity or alma mater.
  • Protect a child’s inheritance from legal actions that might arise from personal, business or marriage-related issues.

Estate Settlement

MD Private Trust offers Professional Executor and Agent for Executor Services. Learn more.

Your MD Advisor will help you implement a trust strategy that gives you the utmost discretion and flexibility to meet your specific needs, and those of your beneficiaries.