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Investment Process and Beliefs

MD Precision is our patent-pending fund management process that helps us deliver strong long-term investment performance with prudent risk management.

The foundation of our investment philosophy is distilled into a series of investment beliefs that can be grouped into five categories.

  1. Client focused beliefs. We believe professional stewardship is vital and can help maximize potential returns for your chosen level of risk.
  2. Risk assessment beliefs. We work with you to better understand your needs, goals, time horizons, tax considerations and other concerns that form the foundation of your personalized financial plan.
  3. Investment process beliefs. We help you understand the trade-off between investment risk and reward, and identify the performance and risk levels that work for you. We believe a multiple investment style approach helps improve the risk/return profile of a portfolio.
  4. Portfolio construction beliefs. Your portfolio should benefit from the knowledge of proven experts, and it should be constructed to achieve a set of defined goals.
  5. Investment management and monitoring beliefs. We believe that asset manager selection and oversight are essential.