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MD Family Trust

Why an MD Family Trust?

You’d like to use your wealth to make a difference in the lives of people you care about, like your children and grandchildren.

What exactly is an MD Family Trust?

An MD Family Trust is a formal trust established by a settlor and funded by a lender (the settlor and lender are often the same person) for the benefit of a beneficiary. A formal trust is a relationship under which the settlor transfers property to a trustee or trustees, who hold that property for the benefit of the beneficiary.

Funding any need

Pay for any educational needs or services, including university tuition; support an ambitious graduate looking to start his or her own medical practice or business; help a young adult buy his or her first home.


Working with your MD Advisor, you first establish a family trust that names your child or grandchild as the beneficiary. Then you fund the trust with a loan of $25,000 or more (sent in one or multiple instalments)—which your MD Advisor will help you invest appropriately. That same loan can be used to fund multiple family trusts, if you’d like to provide benefits to more than one child or grandchild.

Your MD Advisor will help you choose a wise course of action based on an in-depth understanding of your personal and financial circumstances. Above all, your MD Advisor will recommend a strategy that is both efficient and effective given the big picture of your financial plan, and your life.

Ask an MD Advisor if an MD Family Trust is the right choice for you.

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