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MD Precision™ Canadian Balanced Growth Fund*

Portfolio description

This fund is designed to provide an investor who is willing to accept a medium level of risk with exposure to all major asset classes. It is suitable for a conservative investor who is looking for a single-decision fund in which the asset mix decision is being made by the investment advisor.

Investment objective

The objective of MD Precision™ Canadian Balanced Growth Fund is to achieve income and long-term growth of capital in conjunction with the conservation of capital. A one-decision investment with built-in portfolio diversification between domestic and international equities and fixed-income instruments, the fund offers good upside potential and protection during down markets.

Name Change for MD Balanced Fund
On June 1, 2018, the MD Balanced Fund changed its name to the MD Precision™ Canadian Balanced Growth Fund.

Why has the name changed?
The MD Balanced Fund has been a one-stop, multi-asset product since it was launched in 1992. We’re aligning the fund under the "Precision" umbrella because the MD Precision Portfolios™, which were introduced in 2010, are also one-stop, multi-asset portfolios. Adding "Canadian" to the fund name reinforces that it is Canadian-focused.

The MD Family of Funds is managed by MD Financial Management Inc.

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