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MD Precision™ Canadian Moderate Growth Fund*

Portfolio description

This fund is suitable for an investor who is looking for consistent income and is comfortable with exposure to the equities market. Investors should consider holding this fund in non-registered and incorporated accounts to take advantage of the preferential tax treatment afforded to dividend income.

Investment objective

This fund aims to produce a high level of consistent income while providing long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in high-quality dividend-paying common shares, preferred shares, income trusts and other income-producing securities. The fund may also invest in foreign dividend-yielding securities if a favourable opportunity exists.

Name Change for MD Dividend Income Fund
On June 1, 2018, the MD Dividend Income Fund changed its name to the MD Precision Canadian Moderate Growth Fund.

Why has the name changed?
The MD Dividend Income Fund started to become a multi-asset product around 2003. We’re aligning the fund under the "Precision" umbrella because the MD Precision Portfolios™, which were introduced in 2010, are also one-stop, multi-asset portfolios. Adding "Canadian" to the fund name reinforces that it is Canadian-focused.

The MD Family of Funds is managed by MD Financial Management Inc.

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