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CMA Practice Management Curriculum for Residents

We provide innovative practice management education for residents. Our curriculum complements the high-quality medical training you receive in school. The CMA Practice Management Curriculum, launched in 1996, is a series of interactive and informal practice management seminars delivered by our expert physician speakers.

  • start your practice on the right foot
  • evaluate short- and long-term practice options (e.g. locum, associate, partnership)
  • choose the best electronic medical records (EMR) system
  • learn about financial planning and debt management
  • determine insurance needs
  • explore remuneration models—fee-for-service billing, salary or funding plans
  • learn about accounting, tax planning and incorporation
  • understand human resource issues—clinical and clerical staffing requirements
  • learn how to negotiate personal and professional contracts

All of our content is developed with input and expertise from physician advisors, course evaluations and extensive research.

We also offer residents the option of downloading our CMA PMC modules to support seminar material.

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