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Preparing for Practice

How do I prepare for practice?

No one knows physicians better than the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and MD Financial Management. We have a full suite of professional and leadership resources to help you as you transition from residency into practice. Our integrated suite of clinical, practice management and financial services is designed to meet your unique needs and save you time.

Stay on track with the Resident Timeline Tool.

This customized timeline shows you what you need to do, and when. It covers exams, registrations, application for credentials, required professional memberships, malpractice insurance and more. It also includes links to relevant authorities, such as the Medical Council of Canada (MCC), Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC), College of Family Physicians of Canada (CCFP) and more.

Support for the business side of medicine.

Support for the business side of medicine. The CMA Practice Management Curriculum offers one- and two-day seminars. Supporting online modules are also offered through your university, to explain the basics of medical practice.

Leadership for medical residents.

Residency provides preparation for practice. The Physician Management Institute (PMI), CMA’s accredited leadership development program, prepares residents for leadership roles. Discount resident rates are available to CMA members.

New in Practice Guide.

This guide offers advice and guidance on a range of topics that include evaluating practice opportunities, billing, remuneration models, malpractice insurance, licensing and much more.

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Build your financial foundation

Working with an MD Advisor, you can create the customized financial plan necessary to support you through every stage of your career. From medical school to retirement, MD has the solutions and advice you need to achieve your financial goals. Contact MD to get started today.