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Renting vs. Owning a Home

Should I buy my first home?

It’s easy to get tired of paying rent. And owning your first home is a rite of passage. But is it right for you? You need to account for all the expenses of home ownership. Your mortgage payment is just one element. You need to think about a down payment, closing costs, taxes, and condo and maintenance fees.

Sometimes waiting and saving some money while renting will help you build up a significant down payment. And a bigger down payment can mean you are debt-free faster.

Put your home buying plans in your financial plan

An MD Advisor can help you choose the right time to become a home owner. Your advisor will make sure your home-buying plans are integrated in an overall financial plan designed to support you through residency and your practising years.

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Get the right mortgage

Fixed rate? Variable rate? A combination of the two? Your MD advisor and National Bank's Partnership Branch can help you find the mortgage solution* that best meets your needs.

Protect your most valuable asset

Your home might be your single most valuable asset. Ask your MD advisor how our insurance solutions can protect you, your family and your home from the financial impact of an unforeseen event.

We can help you choose between renting and buying a house. Contact an MD Advisor.

* Banking products are provided by National Bank of Canada's Partnership Branch through a relationship with MD Management Limited. Lending solutions are subject to credit approval by National Bank.