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Managing debt

Your MD Advisor has a financial roadmap to get you through medical school and residency, and into practice.

Understanding insurance

Protect your future by combining insurance and financial planning.

Paying for medical school

Find out about bursaries, student loans and lines of credit.

Joining the CMA

Get the CMA’s financial, professional and personal resources working for you.

Preparing for residency

Learn how to take the right financial steps.

Studying abroad

Stay connected to Canada through the CMA and MD Financial Management.

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MD is proud to be the exclusive financial services partner of CFMS.

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1Banking products and services are offered by National Bank of Canada through a relationship with MD Management Limited. Credit and lending products are subject to credit approval by National Bank of Canada.

2The following medical students or residents are not eligible for this program: those studying part-time, those attending a non- Canadian school, those enrolled under the Canadian Defence Forces’ Medical Officer Training Plan (MOTP), nNon -Canadian citizens or and non -permanent residents. Medical students or residents belonging to one of the foregoingthese categories may be eligible for standard loans (with a qualified Canadian resident co-applicant ). All loans are subject to credit approval by National Bank of Canada.