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Do I need insurance?

Insurance strategies that take your overall financial picture into account are a powerful way to protect your future.

As a medical student, your ability to earn a future income is your most valuable asset. Unforeseen events like illnesses or accidents can have big financial implications. Imagine if you lost the ability to practice medicine. If you had to leave medical school, not only would your future earning potential be jeopardized, you would also face having to start repaying student loans.

Insurance for today and tomorrow

It’s easy to think that insurance is important only when you get older. But the best time to think about insurance is when you’re young and healthy. The older you get, the more costly it becomes. This means that the sooner you can get your insurance needs covered, the more cost effective it will be. And if your health suffers, it may be much more difficult, or impossible, to qualify for insurance.

Get the insurance coverage you need

Protect your future and gain peace of mind by providing yourself with adequate insurance. Your MD advisor can help you determine if you need:

  • disability insurance—to protect your earning potential
  • life insurance—to protect you, and your family's finances
  • critical illness insurance—to protect your savings
  • exclusive and competitive insurance solutions—available where MD has a special alliance with a provincial and territorial medical association.

Insurance alliances with provincial medical associations


Insurance protects your future and provides peace of mind.Contact and MD Advisor.

Insurance products are distributed by MD Insurance Agency Limited, a CMA company. All life-licensed MD employees have life licences with MD Insurance Agency Limited, a CMA company.