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My name is Nothando Swan, I’m a second year medical student at Queen’s University.

My name is Anne-Marie Hénault. I’m a first-year resident at the University of Montreal.

I’m Nathan Turner, I’m a first-year medical student at the University of Alberta.

My name is Nathan Corbett, and I’m in second year at Dalhousie medical school.

Nothando: Applying to medical school was a lot of work, but it was worth it.

Nathan T.: Applying to medical school is alternating periods of panic and waiting.

Nathan C.: In a way you have to account for who you are.

Nathan T.: You prepare your applications, and then you send them in and then you wait.

Nothando: It was exciting and time consuming. A very long process.

Nathan T.: You get your interview announcements, and then you wait.

Anne-Marie: I still remember the goose bumps I got.

Nathan T.: And you go to interviews, and then you wait.

Nothando: So I sort of just waited.

Nathan T.: The feeling of getting accepted into medical school is just a mixture of relief and excitement and gratitude.

Nothando: Being accepted into medical school was probably the best feeling that I’ve had so far.

Anne-Marie: Obviously, I was super super-happy. I ran around the house, I yelled, I called my parents. And I was also so happy to start a new chapter, because I was convinced that this was the right place for me. So it’s like the beginning of a great story.

Nothando: I was really happy when I arrived on campus for the first time because it felt like home already.

Anne-Marie: I was really looking forward to meeting my new colleagues.

Nathan T.: Arriving to the first day of med school is a mix of emotions.

Nathan C.: We filed into the very large classroom.

Nothando: The MD Backpacks are a big deal.

Anne-Marie: For a whole year before medicine, I knew I was going to get that backpack.

Nothando: I’d heard rumours for a long time that the backpacks were here.

Nathan T.: You’ve been waiting for it for a long time, you’ve seen other people have it, and it just kind of feels like you’ve arrived.

Nathan C.: When you receive your MD backpack, in a way, you join a kind of club.

Anne-Marie: It’s really like an initiation rite.

Nathan C.: It was really a symbol of medicine.

Nathan T.: It’s a great feeling to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

Anne-Marie: The backpack was mine, but at the same time, it was like I was part of a community, and it was really, really the thing that initiated us all into medicine.

Nothando: I feel like receiving my MD backpack sort of made everything real at that moment. It was that last thing that I needed to really tell me that, yes, I’m a medical student.

Nathan T.: My advice to incoming medical students is just to make sure you have fun. Med school is a fun place, it’s awesome to be able to be learning all these new things, you’re with amazing people and it can really be the time of your life.

Nathan C.: So my advice to this year’s class would be to relax, you’re here.

Nothando: Remember what’s important to you and really bring that through with you throughout med school.

Anne-Marie: My best advice for a person starting medical school is to stay in touch with those who nurture you, which could be family or friends. You may not have the chance to see them as often, but they are the people who will always be there when things are going well and when things are going badly.

Nothando: So I’ve been noticing a theme with our backpacks, they’ve getting more fun and colourful. I would like to see a really bright pink or a bright blue.

Nathan C.: We might enjoy silver, or maybe gold.

Anne-Marie: What colour are the backpacks this year? I would guess fuchsia or maybe neon green?

Nathan C.: For over fifteen years…

Nothando: …MD Financial Management…

Anne-Marie: …and the Canadian Medical Association…

Nathan T.: …in partnership with Provincial and Territorial Medical Associations…

Anne-Marie: …have provided backpacks to first-year medical students across Canada.

Nathan C.: …have been providing backpacks for Canada’s first-year medical students.

Nothando: Good luck to all the new medical students across the country.

Anne-Marie: Good luck to all the medical students across Canada.

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