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Guide to Medical Professional Corporations

Expert advice on incorporation for physicians, from early career to retirement

An essential resource for physicians, our downloadable guides offer a comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities of owning a medical professional corporation in Canada. Developed by MD’s in-house incorporation team, each guide provides a focused look at how incorporation affects your financial plan at different stages of your medical career.

Introduction to medical practice incorporation
Introduction to Medical Professional IncorporationGet Started
Are you thinking about incorporating your medical practice? This guide explains the basics of incorporating, what the advantages are, and what you need to beware of.
Optimizing your finances as an incorporated physician
Optimizing your finances as an incorporated physicianGet Started
This incorporation guide for practicing physicians explains how you can integrate your corporate account into your overall financial plan and effectively manage your assets.
Retiring as an incorporated physician
Retiring as an incorporated physicianGet Started
Approaching retirement with substantial assets in your corporate account? Learn why it’s important to create a tax-efficient income stream from your investments and what to do with your corporation.
Estate planning for incorporated physicians
Estate planning for incorporated physiciansGet Started
If you intend to keep your corporation until the end of your life, it could add complexity to your estate plan. This guide gives you an overview of estate planning and explains how you can minimize taxes at death.
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You can rely on MD’s incorporation expertise

There is a lot to consider when deciding whether to incorporate or not. An MD Advisor will guide you through the planning stage, and then make your corporate account an integral part of your comprehensive financial plan. We’re here to help you.