Alternative Investments

Innovative solutions for physicians looking to diversify their investments beyond traditional asset classes.

Canadian physicians are increasingly looking for investment opportunities that can help them increase portfolio diversification, reduce volatility and grow their investments. Given that alternative investments provide exposures beyond traditional asset classes like bonds, stocks and cash, they are best suited to complement existing client portfolios.

To meet the growing interest in alternative investment strategies, MD Financial Management offers solutions that are custom built for Canadian physicians.

MD Stable Income Fund

The MD Stable Income Fund aims to preserve capital and generate growth through interest from traditional and alternative fixed-income investments like mortgages and corporate bonds.

MD Strategic Yield Fund

The MD Strategic Yield Fund aims to generate yield and long-term capital appreciation through investing in alternative asset classes such as global bonds, emerging-market debt and preferred equities.

MD Strategic Opportunities Fund

The MD Strategic Opportunities Fund is growth oriented and designed to achieve long-term capital appreciation. It invests primarily in equity securities, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and fixed-income securities. The fund also has exposure to currencies and commodities.

MD Platinum Global Private Equity Pool

The MD Platinum Global Private Equity Pool aims to provide attractive, long-term growth through a private equity investment strategy typically reserved for institutional investors. It focuses on primary fund investments in venture capital, buyouts and distressed assets.

For more information or ideas on how to use alternative investments in your portfolio, please contact an MD Advisor.