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MD Short-Term Bond Fund

About this portfolio

This fund is suitable for a risk-averse investor who is looking for a fixed-income solution. The portfolio’s short duration means this fund is likely to be less volatile than most bond funds because there is less risk associated with investing in short-term assets. Used in MD Precision Portfolios™.

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INVESTMENT objective

The fund’s investment objective is to conserve capital and produce income. Capital appreciation is a secondary objective. Positions in the portfolio are limited to investments with maturities of five years or less. Eligible investments include domestic bonds issued by the Government of Canada, and provinces and corporations with a minimum of an “A” level credit rating. The fund’s portfolio of Canadian bonds, residential mortgages and foreign bonds creates a diversified alternative for fixed-income investors.

Who is this fund for?

Investors who:

  • Are looking for a core holding for the Canadian short-term fixed income component of a portfolio.
  • Are seeking a fund that invests primarily in fixed income securities with short-term durations.
  • Have an investment time horizon of over one year.

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