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Designed to enhance your portfolio’s performance

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  • Designed for physicians with significant assets to manage, who are thinking ahead for long-term growth
  • MD Platinum™ invests in a range of non-traditional, institutional-grade investment vehicles that are generally unavailable to individual investors
  • We strategically invest in less liquid and longer-term assets, such as private equity, with a goal to generate long-term returns that outpace your current investment options

MD Platinum Global Private Equity Pool


The MD Platinum Global Private Equity Pool, our initial offering, provides qualified investors with exposure to companies that are not publicly owned, quoted or traded on stock exchange through the expertise and leadership of BlackRock®, Inc.

Putting the power of global private investments in the palm of your hand.

With the introduction of MD Platinum, MD Financial Management was the first to bring institutional-level private equity investment strategies to Canadian retail discretionary investment accounts.

Please contact your Advisor for information about future private equity offerings.
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IconMD Platinum Global Private Equity Pool: Benefits

  • Fund summary: The MD Platinum Global Private Equity Pool focuses on primary fund investments into venture capital, buyouts and distressed assets.
  • Why invest: The benefits of private investments include reduced correlation, higher expected returns, a focus on long-term investment objectives, and institutional investing for retail clients.
  • Commitment schedule: 10 years (+ two one-year extensions at the option of the General Partner)

IconMD Platinum: Who could invest?

  • MD clients—physicians and their family members—could have invested in MD Platinum Pools.
  • MD's main priority is to enhance physicians’ financial outcomes.
  • We do this by focusing on their distinctive needs and operating in their best interests. Investing in the MD Platinum™ Pools is restricted to accredited investors.

Key Benefits

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MD Platinum Pools are designed to help accredited investors succeed by providing long-term solutions that expand the investment set while managing complexity and risk.

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MD is structured to deliver solid and steady performance in good markets and bad. Our goal is the highest returns, for the lowest risk, at the best price.

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The first institutional-level private equity investment strategies available to Canadian retail discretionary investors, MD Platinum Pools are offered without the restrictive purchase requirements typically associated with alternative strategies.

Bubbles IconThe subscription period for the MD Platinum Global Private Equity Pool ended April 30, 2018. To learn more about the advantages of investing with MD Financial Management contact an Advisor today.