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Designed to enhance your portfolio’s performance

  • Designed for physicians with significant assets to manage, who are thinking ahead for long-term growth
  • MD Platinum™ invests in a range of non-traditional, institutional-grade investment vehicles that are generally unavailable to individual investors
  • We strategically invest in less liquid and longer-term assets, such as private equity and private real estate, with a goal to generate long-term returns that could potentially outpace your current investment options

MD Platinum Global Real Estate Pool

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Introducing the MD Platinum Global Real Estate Pool, an institutional-grade global private real estate investment opportunity from world-class investment managers that has the potential to diversify your portfolio, mitigate risk and increase your wealth over the long term.

Creating value while preserving capital.

The MD Platinum Global Real Estate Pool is exclusively available to clients who have opened an MD Platinum™ account.

Only available until July 31, 2019.
Talk to your MD Advisor about an MD Platinum account.

Key Benefits

Direct access to private real estate

Direct access to private real estate

The pool’s disciplined strategy centres on investment in a variety of property types—offices, industrial, retail, residential and hospitality—in global, liquid developed markets that are currently underperforming. The pool uses a value-add, opportunistic approach, with the goal of selecting assets with attractive upside potential and downside protection.

Increased diversification

Increased diversification

The low correlation of global private real estate to traditional asset classes can help enhance your portfolio’s overall risk-return profile.

Downside protection

Downside protection

Value-added real estate strategies can provide downside protection and income generation across market cycles through "in cash" rents and contracted cash flows. These strategies can help preserve capital in turbulent market conditions while continuing to generate value through enhancement measures.

Higher expected returns

Higher expected returns

Over the long run, global private real estate has historically outperformed publicly available real estate investments. Adding a new asset class like global private real estate can help enhance your portfolio’s overall returns.

Previously Offered Pools

MD Platinum Global Private Equity Pool

Logo Blackrock

The MD Platinum Global Private Equity Pool, our initial offering, provides existing MD Platinum account clients with exposure to companies that are not publicly owned, quoted or traded on a stock exchange through the expertise and leadership of BlackRock®, Inc.

Putting the power of global private investments in the palm of your hand.

With the introduction of MD Platinum, MD Financial Management brought institutional-level private equity investment strategies to Canadian retail discretionary investment accounts.