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Disability Insurance Calculator

See how much of your income can be replaced with insurance benefits if you become disabled and can no longer work.

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  • Annual earned income is your gross pre-tax income, minus business expenses, for work you have performed. Do not include investment income or monetary gifts in your calculation.

  • The amount of disability insurance you may be eligible to receive is based on your current income. If you become disabled, you will receive a percentage of your income as a tax-free benefit.

  • Enter the monthly benefit you will receive from any existing disability insurance coverage, including individually owned policies, Provincial/ Territorial Medical Association coverage, and/ or any other plans.

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This calculation is for illustrative purposes only. For insurance-related questions and discussion about your individual circumstances, Speak with an Advisor.

What we can do for you
An MD Advisor can help ensure you have sufficient information when it comes to disability insurance, and work with provincial and territorial medical associations (PTMAs) to provide you with ready access to affordable coverage.
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The calculator rounds to the nearest dollar.

The information contained in the calculator and the results obtained are to be used solely for illustrative purposes ONLY. You are encouraged to contact your MD advisor for referral to an MD insurance specialist for a more in-depth discussion of your individual insurance needs.

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