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Sponsorship Opportunities at MD Financial Management

Interested in sponsorship from MD Financial Management?

Please read through our internal testing elements below to see if your opportunity might be a fit.

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Please fill out the sponsorship submission form to have your opportunity reviewed by the sponsorship team at the next monthly meeting.

Internal Testing Elements

Sponsorship requests will be evaluated against the following internal testing elements, designed to ensure that sponsorship relationships benefit both MD and the receiving organization.

MD receives numerous requests for sponsorship opportunities and does not sponsor all organizations that apply. MD looks at multiple criteria when evaluating an application. Meeting the internal testing elements on this page does not guarantee sponsorship and does not constitute an offer to sponsor. MD reserves the right to approve or deny sponsorships in its full discretion.

Relative cost to exposure

  • Is this exposure opportunity better than other marketing avenues at reaching the target group?
  • How well can we leverage the sponsorship?

Audience reach and target

  • Does this opportunity involve one of MD’s stakeholder groups or key target audiences?
  • Does this opportunity involve Canadian pre-meds, medical students, residents, physicians and/or retired physicians?
  • Will our message be relevant to the target group?

Relative exposure among the sponsors

  • Can MD be the exclusive financial services sponsor for the event?
  • How many sponsors will there be?
  • Will we stand out and be noticed among the other sponsors?

Relative fit

  • Does this opportunity support the medical profession?
  • Does this opportunity create an opportunity to build brand awareness and/or lead generation?
  • Does the cause help our image?
  • Does the cause hurt our image?