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I’ve been with the organization for almost 20 years now and held multiple roles within the company.

And I’m glad to say it’s been 20 terrific years.

Dan Schafer
Portfolio Manager
MD Private Investment Counsel

We’ve done a really good job of establishing teams, and working well as a team.

We have such a great culture and such a great structure where I can draw from specialists.

I have a planner that I can draw from who is outstanding.

And we’re all working towards the same end, which is the betterment of our clients.

There was a client where I dealt with the husband and wife for a number of years.

Husband passed away, and there were a lot of legal issues with the estate.

And it was quite troubling for the spouse to deal with all of the legal challenges, and it wasn’t an easy case. And it took years.

We maintained a lot of contact, and we really helped her to walk through that whole process.

She certainly valued the fact that we could deal with things beyond the finances, and look at really how it’s impacting her.

As much as things change in life—and there are always going to be changes—I have not changed, is my approach with clients.

And I care about them just as much today as I did when I started 20 years ago.