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Physician-focused objective advice

At MD, I provide holistic financial planning services for our clients, who are doctors, and their family members.

Lilian Stupnyckyj
Financial Consultant
MD Management Limited

So, we’re basically there throughout the entire physician life cycle, from the time they’re students, to practice, to retirement.

One specific client is an oncologist, and was completing his residency, burdened with a lot of debt, and basically came to us to ask for advice. He had a young family and wasn’t quite sure where to start— Do I pay down my student debt? Do I buy a bigger home? Do I start saving?

Often, our clients are very busy. There is a lot of stress involved with their careers.

Ultimately, we were able to map out a plan according to what goals were most important and then we were able to put that plan into action.

And every time we do meet, we just see him acquiring that momentum to complete those goals sooner than originally anticipated.

I’m excited for what’s next for MD, but I know that one thing will always stay the same.

We may have a different owner, but we still know physicians best.