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I’ve been with MD for 22 years.

Margaret Mayhew
Portfolio Manager
MD Private Investment Counsel

It seems like yesterday that I started, but it’s been a great place to be all through these years.

Stress for a physician is significant, there’s no question.

They have a lot of pressure, obviously, dealing with a lot of sick people.

To say nothing of just the challenges of managing a practice. So, there’s so much on their plates.

And the advice that we give at MD, and the advice that I give personally has helped them a lot.

And they’re able to meet their goals, whether it’s retirement, or kids’ education, or whatever that might be.

I take that off their plates, so they’re very happy about that.

A pair of students that I met very early in my career, and they were concerned about—they were thinking about getting married.

Should they buy a house? You know, they’re, both of them were physicians, or physicians-to-be.

And so, we sat down and did a lot of work over the years.

And then they went away and did their specialties, and arrived back in Halifax again.

So, 12 years later, they came to me, and they’re both specialists.

They now have two children. They’ve bought a house.

And they say: Boy, I remember meeting you, and you helped us so much all the, all through the years.

I’m very excited about what’s next at MD.

One thing that I know will not change is that we know physicians best.