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I enjoy working with physicians because I know how hard they’re working, and how demanding their life is.

Ty Saunders
Portfolio Manager
MD Private Investment Counsel

Knowing that there’s anything that I can do to help simplify their life, or help them reach their goals.

That to me is tremendously rewarding.

I was assigned some new clients, and those clients in New Brunswick were assigned a new Portfolio Manager.

And so, I thought, maybe this would be a great time to actually get some face-to-face time in with these clients.

So, we decided to make the four-hour drive from Halifax to Fredericton.

And I think that went a long way in telling them that I care, we care, and that we’re here to listen to their needs.

And I think we really strengthened the relationship.

I spend a lot of time outdoors, and so, it became really important to me that I instill that love of outdoors with my son.

And so, we often are camping. I’ve taken him to Grand Manan to go mackerel fishing.

And we now have an annual tradition where we go down to Kejimkujik.

We got the tent. There’s no glamping. So, I’m really roughing it out for him to help him appreciate the great outdoors and the wonderful landscape that we have here.

It’s kind of like that saying where if you take good care of your employees, they will take good care of your clients.

Well, we’re taking good care of our physicians, they’ll take good care of us.