Our investment philosophy

Our comprehensive approach drives each and every one of our investment decisions.

At the core of our success is a strong conviction that our clients’ financial needs and goals are the driving force behind what we do.

MD Precision®, our patent-pending investment process, is at the foundation of our thinking. It will help you understand the “why” behind the decisions we make in our unwavering focus to deliver strong long-term investment performance with prudent risk management.

  • Professional stewardship is vital. Our clients have entrusted us with their wealth, and this is a responsibility we take very seriously. We believe that superior investment performance can be achieved with the guidance of seasoned professionals.
  • You must be well informed. Communication is at the cornerstone of each client relationship. We are dedicated to making ourselves accessible to you, always keeping the lines of communication open and presenting investment information in a clear, concise manner.
  • We embrace new technology. We aim to provide you with easy-to-use technology and interactive tools that enhance your financial well-being and provide you with the information you need.
  • Financial goals must be addressed first. Your financial goals are the needs, wants and wishes at the foundation of your investment plan. We ensure these goals remain at the forefront at all times in the portfolio construction process.
  • Proven investment expertise makes the difference. We believe a portfolio should benefit from the knowledge of proven advisors—both from within MD and among the world-class companies we select to provide specialized investment insight.
  • Asset allocation is the foundation of investment performance. We work to find the ideal balance between risk and return by employing time-tested models to develop forward- looking asset allocation strategies and diversified mandates aligned with your goals.
  • A focus on low fees and value-added. While we always seek ways to minimize investment and management costs, our priority is providing you with the highest-quality investments and services that will help build your wealth.
  • Each physician is unique. We understand the wide range of financial challenges you face as a physician. Together, we will work through a comprehensive discovery process to better understand your unique needs, goals, time horizons, tax considerations and other concerns.
  • Investment discipline and client goals must match. While we leverage many sophisticated investment processes typically associated with pension plans and institutional investors, we also take a very individualized approach to build your investment portfolio.
  • Prudent risk management. We believe it is important to help you understand the trade-offs between investment risk and reward, and we will help you identify return and risk levels that are appropriate for you.
  • Both active managers and passive strategies have their place. While we believe that active management helps us deliver outstanding results through all market conditions, we also understand that index (or passive) strategies used in place of—or alongside—active management can help us better meet a wide variety of investor needs and preferences.
  • Multiple investment styles can reduce risk. Just as asset class diversification can benefit a portfolio, we believe that diversification among investment styles can also improve the risk/return profile of a portfolio.
  • Tax efficiency is a priority. When considering investment alternatives, deferring or minimizing the taxes you pay is an important consideration.
  • Investment advisor selection and oversight are essential. We diligently search the globe for asset managers with proven skills and complementary styles to add to our internal team or hire as advisors.
  • Leading portfolio managers working for you. Finding and managing our stable of prominent investment advisors is critical to delivering on our high performance standards, which helps you achieve your wealth goals.

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